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P: 713. 955.7587
F: 713.969.4910
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Our Facility


Thank you for your interest in providing our students with meals.  Here is a little bit more information:


There will not be a meeting prior to the 16th, but if you would like a tour, please contact me: 713-955-7557


What we expect from our food vendor:

- Hot foods individually sealed and ready for consumption

- Disposable utensils, with salt and pepper packets

- Milk and/or Water 

-A printed and complete Production Record for every day. 


Our facility is not a full-service campus.  We have a 36 tray proofer/warmer with a max temperature of 180*.  We do not have a milk refrigerator.  



Questions and Answers


  • Why is A+ UP issuing a RFP after the start of the school year?  -- We are still completing the NSLP application but needed to be in compliance with the RFP process.
  • Are hot delivered meals required? -- Hot meals are not required but preferred, but frozen meals are not acceptable.
  1. Meals that are cooked off-site, delivered hot and ready to serve  -- yes.  We do not have any type of kitchen.  Just a proofer, if needed.
  • Please confirm there are no breakfast meals - No breakfasts.
  • What is the Free and Reduced Priced %? - We are in the process of figuring that out now.  Last year we were over 70%. This year will be pretty close but not over.
  • Is there a pre-bid meeting? - 9/13 at 400pm.
  • When will a site visit be scheduled? -- 9/12 at 400PM
  • Page 3 # 14 states all questions are due Friday 9.13; we request the due date be extended at least one week because questions will not be answered by the published 9.16 due date.  -- I cannot extend these dates.
  • What are the current lunch price=s charged by your current provider?   I will not disclose that information, because we are not in NSLP yet.
  • What is the daily delivery window? Delivery is by 1100am.
  • Please send a copy of the October 2018 claim forms - This is our first year and do not have 10/2018 forms to send.



As questions are asked they will be posted here daily.